Monday, April 28, 2014

Mo Money, Mo Problems

Take everything with a grain of salt... at least when reading this blog.  But for real- Wouldn't life be a hundred times easier if we could live life that way? 

Ya see, I'm just your normal girl trying to raise my family in my hometown- Which is sooooo different than when I grew up.  And I get it- my problems aren't really problems at all.  REAL problems are families struggling with sick children, tornadoes taking out towns, and starving children in Africa.  My hubby is the first to tell ya, what I've got is #richgirlproblems.

The bigger problem though, is I'm not rich.  Yeah, yeah, rich in love, blah, blah, blah- the hubz has tons of lines...  But we're just normal people who make a great living and are raising our children in a very wealthy area. And sometimes it sucks balls.  I guess my problems are more like #keepinupwiththejonesproblems and #locoproblems.  Hashtags are silly... I know, but don't they help make trivial things seem a little bit cooler?

Sometimes its just nice to know that others feel your pain...

Ya know, like during the first week of school when you are shelling out checks left and right, racking up receipts from Tar-Jay for school supplies, sending in money for the PTA, ordering spirit wear, and then stepping back to think, "Man, that yearbook order form isn't due until November 15th... Do I ask the hubby now for that check, or do I wait a month?... Oh, hell... let me just get it over with so I don't forget." 

Or when it's October 15th and your planters still don't have mums in them and you want your pumpkins and fifty gourds decorating your front porch, but ya just know you're going to get a lecture for them.  Whatevs... 

And weekly when you check your e-mail and there's yet another evite for a home party- Ya know, jewelry, make-up, kitchen supplies, dildos... and you really think to yourself... If I don't click on this email do ya think I could get away with saying I never got the invite since technically I didn't open it up?  Fast forward to the day of the party and you go ahead and place an order... and then three nights later when your hubby is going over the online banking statement and you are busted.  Damn... Mottos like "It's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission" always seem great in the moment.  Ahhh.... but at least I have some purrty earrings since my fat jeans don't button anymore... Always look on the bright side, right?

I could write a book on this... but I've got an hour until I've got to be up at the school to pick my daughter up from her afterschool activity.  Ya know, that thing that we were going to pass on this semester and then our son came home wanting to do the multiplication class and we said how do we deny a kid that wants to work on his math facts so we handed over 40 bucks... which then turned into 80 to make it even Steven for our daughter.... Don't you worry- she's making a beautiful bookmark with a bow today... which I will one day secretly have to trash because she likes to keep every.single.trinket.  So, those 80 bucks could have bought me new fat, fat jeans... but instead, I'll try to fool everyone into thinking I spent my day at the gym working out... since I'm stuck wearing my elastic waist workout pants for yet another week.  But at least I have new earrings.... :)

Like I said.... #locoproblems.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cheap Therapy

When I was little, I used to want to be just like my Mama.  As I grew up, eventhough she and I always had it out, I still wanted to be like her.  I went off to college on an accounting scholarship and partied way too much my first year and lost it.  I switched majors to Family and Child Development and never got below an A... and that's all she wrote.  Girl met boy, they got married, and started out on this crazy adventure called life... A lot of family and child developing later, and yes, I have become my Mama.

Sometimes things aren't the way they appear.  Growing up, I thought my Mom had the easiest job in the world.  Ya know, she spent her days getting her nails did, watching As the World Turns, and eating Bon-Bons.  And now that I'm older, I get it.... that was soooooo not the case.  Yes, she got her nails done,  drove her Land Cruiser, and had a blessed life, but, she too, went without so her kids could have, wondered where that money for the soccer trainer was going to come from, and as she ate peanut butter and jelly at dinner with her kids often wondered if she was on the verge of going crazy.

So, here we go... 

That's my life... except for the fact that I only get my nails done for "special occasion" and no, my hubby didn't feel that this past time when I got them done because "I gave birth to our daughter this month last year" was special enough, I'm a minivan Mama, my kids are my everything and I wonder how the hell people in Loudoun do it, and, well, let's face it, I'm okay with admitting I'm crazy.

We're about to sell our house we love, that's in our dream neighborhood, and embark on an adventure that is nuts.  Yep, we're well aware of that.  Writing is my therapy, and I'm gonna need a lot of it this next year, so come along for the ride.