Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cheap Therapy

When I was little, I used to want to be just like my Mama.  As I grew up, eventhough she and I always had it out, I still wanted to be like her.  I went off to college on an accounting scholarship and partied way too much my first year and lost it.  I switched majors to Family and Child Development and never got below an A... and that's all she wrote.  Girl met boy, they got married, and started out on this crazy adventure called life... A lot of family and child developing later, and yes, I have become my Mama.

Sometimes things aren't the way they appear.  Growing up, I thought my Mom had the easiest job in the world.  Ya know, she spent her days getting her nails did, watching As the World Turns, and eating Bon-Bons.  And now that I'm older, I get it.... that was soooooo not the case.  Yes, she got her nails done,  drove her Land Cruiser, and had a blessed life, but, she too, went without so her kids could have, wondered where that money for the soccer trainer was going to come from, and as she ate peanut butter and jelly at dinner with her kids often wondered if she was on the verge of going crazy.

So, here we go... 

That's my life... except for the fact that I only get my nails done for "special occasion" and no, my hubby didn't feel that this past time when I got them done because "I gave birth to our daughter this month last year" was special enough, I'm a minivan Mama, my kids are my everything and I wonder how the hell people in Loudoun do it, and, well, let's face it, I'm okay with admitting I'm crazy.

We're about to sell our house we love, that's in our dream neighborhood, and embark on an adventure that is nuts.  Yep, we're well aware of that.  Writing is my therapy, and I'm gonna need a lot of it this next year, so come along for the ride. 

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